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Technology Principle

IMPLUX's “fluid dynamic gate effect” and  “push-pull” principles  are utilised in the new IMPLUX Omni -directional Wind Power Turbine to streamline and accelerate turbulent winds.
IMPLUX TM Wind Power Turbine
Due to wind acceleration by the shroud design, higher volume of air flows through the IMPLUX turbine. Thus IMPLUX has very high efficiencies in open field applications. But it has even higher efficiencies when used for power generation on top of buildings as it captures and streamlines the upwardly skewed wind which is present on top of buildings.

Unlike any other wind turbine, wind flows through IMPLUX in a horizontal and then vertical direction. Inside the non- moving shroud, a horizontal axis type aerofoil rotor is deployed in a vertical axis. The shroud continuously captures wind from any direction and minimises wind leakage by the creation of a "fluid dynamic gate" within the shroud. In addition, the wind flowing over the shroud sucks more air through the rotor. The entering wind is focussed directly towards the rotor with minimal energy losses, by the fixed toroid blades of the shroud.

The resulting high efficiency enables high annual energy production in cities where the winds are normally turbulent and constantly changing directions.
Major Features

In-Built Solar : dual renewable  sources, semi flexible solar panels included directly on the IMPLUX Wind Power Turbine for increased 365 day  power generation

Safety: internal rotor removes all risk in city areas

Aesthetics: visually pleasing, architecturally blends in with modern buildings in cities.

Installation: No tall stands. Can be mounted close to the building tops

Low Maintenance: single moving component with no gyroscopic forces, reduces fatigue breakdown and vibration

Low Noise: very minimal noise above ambient.
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IMPLUX TM Power System