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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need new types of wind energy generators?
Current horizontal and vertical machines are good for use in open areas where wind predominantly travels from a single direction, or its direction will not frequently and rapidly change. It is also less turbulent. The wind  in the urban built-environment, such as a city or metropolitan area is quite opposite to this. A new device is required to capture and convert the energy from this different wind at high efficiencies.
Implux is neither a vertical nor horizontal device.

Is IMPLUXTM suitable for wind farms?
Yes, it is capable of being used in wind farms. However, IMPLUX’s greatest competitive advantage is within areas where the efficiency and deployment capability of conventional horizontal or vertical wind turbine devices cannot be realised.

Will IMPLUXTM be suitable for residential application?
Yes. However, except your home is located in a consistent wind flow are, there will be limited wind power available at less than 4-5 storey heights.  IMPLUX is more suited to large multiple residency buildings and industrial, institutional and large commercial facilities.

Does IMPLUXTM need to be mounted on a tall pole on top of the roof?
No. IMPLUX is capable of working with the highly disturbed wind typically present a few metres above the roof.

What happens when there is no wind? 
IMPLUX is no different to standard wind machines: No wind = No power. However, IMPLUX is capable of extracting power at lower wind speeds and can produce power for longer periods of time. Further, if the wind direction changes rapidly and repeatedly, standard machines can deliver little power. IMPLUX can continuously deliver power in such an environment.
The IMPLUX Power System will deliver power whenever there is sun or wind.

Can IMPLUXTM be used with separate solar panels?
Yes but the system integration between the two needs to be done correctly. The IMPLUX turbine will also be available as the roof top
IMPLUX Power System with In-Built high efficiency solar power to directly deliver power from both sources day and night 365 days of the year.

Other 'vertical' wind generators have not succeeded to date. What is special about IMPLUXTM?
IMPLUX represents a new way of looking at the problem. Although its omni-directional feature might suggest a vertical-axis turbine, it utilises the extremely well developed horizontal-axis aerofoil rotor, which has been proven to deliver higher efficiencies. IMPLUX has characteristics that make it substantially different to any other vertical or horizontal-axis turbine currently on the market. It is a new vertical/horizontal mixed concept which includes the best of both types while eliminating the negatives.

When will we be able to buy an IMPLUXTM Wind Power Turbine?
Expressions of Interest for potential sites to participate in pre-production unit deployment are currently being sought. Commercial units will be available in 2015. If you are interested in considering a special build in your project please contact us.

Where can I get more information about wind technology?
There are several excellent sites, a few of which are listed below:
•   Renewable UK
•    Global Wind Energy Council
•    American Wind Energy Association
•    European Wind Energy Association

The Danish Wind Industry Association provides a complete educational tour on wind technical know-how. The Danish wind industry is the global leader in the wind technology field.

If you have any further questions please email us at admin@katru.com.au

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