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Technology Collaborators

Throughout the development process, KATRU has engaged specialist providers to test and validate the IMPLUX design. The following is a summary of key collaborators from various countries:

Honda F1 CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis by the Honda F1 team (UK) confirmed the results of the scale model testing completed by KATRU. Extensive simulation work was carried out to determine an optimised design profile to achieve maximum efficiency.

DNV.GL: Garrad Hassan (UK) part of DNV.GL, the world's foremost wind energy consultancy with specialist skills in conventional and innovative wind turbine design analysis, evaluated KATRU's test results and the simulation by Honda F1 CFD.

Conventional performance limit theories were inadequate to predict or prove the high operational performance potential of IMPLUX. GLGH investigated a possible theoretical basis for predicting the design performance. This led to a breakthrough and the development of the new internationally recognised unified wind turbine extraction theory applicable for all types of wind and water turbines with impacts for wind farm designs.

Aerotrope: KATRU and Aerotrope Ltd. (UK) jointly investigated and developed the first full scale prototype unit for fabrication. Aerotrope provided specialist design and analysis and brought their experience in the practical development of unusual designs, finite element analysis and aerolaminate technology. Aerotrope also designed the carbon fibre structure for the base test airfoil blades.

Dynaglass: With a strong technological base in the area of engineered reinforced plastics, built the first full scale prototype shroud including the moulds, in Singapore.

Designcraft: A highly skilled boutique UK blade building company who built the base set of high strength carbon airfoil blades for the full scale prototype.

Tempco: A specialist prototype developer/integrator in Singapore who collaborated with KATRU to experiment and test assemble the complete proof-of-concept unit.

KEECH 3D/Bendigo Pattern Makers:  Manufactured the various test airfoil blades and rotor parts in Australia using the additive process 3D technology for production enabling a shortened testing period.

Steber International: Leading Australian structural fibreglass manufacturer who  fabricated FRP parts for testing in the prototype shroud. Steber are the selected fabricators of the first generation IMPLUX units now ready for manufacture.

Field Testing Assistance: Manning Valley Trucks & Cranes (testing and assembly), Melinga Quarry (testing and assembly field facilities -  Taree, New south Wales, Australia)

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